Hello creative people,
As you know that there are so many image editor and company are available but an individual doing alone all the editing like product , fashion , automobile, jewelry, food and etc.
but jewelry editing is something different its not only all about Photoshop.
Jewelry requires specialists understand shape , mood, and what type of material is used in jewelry. And one important thing is to also understand the luxury and grandeur of jewelry. 
crossway enterprises is working with such an expert who is working with jewelry since years. we have edited more than 90k image for multi jewelry houses like Takat jewels , surana jewelers of jaipur, Jindal Jewerls , Bhuramal Rajmal Surana, Prasadham jewels , Tatiwala Gehna, Ghatiwala Jewels, Raniwala jewels,  Moti sons, Shree Ram Hari ram jewels, Thiea Jewels.

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